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Your era is the ordinary age at. Use it in order to see if also other changes and also generating lifestyle may influence the way you era later on.

How Index Operates

Measure 1 ):

Order Index and we are going to ship it for you personally. Simply ship a spit sample straight back to us at the mail once you receive it .

Step 2:

As your sample is received by us , our scientists can analyze your epigenome in our lab by means of a DNA methylation.

Step 3:

In 46 weeks, you'll obtain a report that is https://healthybodyhealthymind.com/know-your-real-age-for-just-500-with-index/ digital with your era and wholesome living guidelines.

Index's Science

Index can be just really a breakthrough in the subject of aging. This new test was produced by us with all the assistance of initiating custom and scientists array-based technological innovation.

My Favourite novels are Innovative Road and also The Berlin Tales. They helped make me the man I'm now.

Index is powered with the Elysium processor, created together with the assistance of the pioneer in DNA sequencing and technologies. This technology allows us to create investigation to the public at reachable prices.

We are researching applications to your Index system our purpose is to give exceptional, overall wellness advice that are personalised to assist you to survive for longer.


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Your reproductive era is that the age in that the body is expected to work out. Use it in order to see if different changes and also generating life style may influence the way you era in the future.